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About Us

 Lupita is our dream come true. Our grandmother, Lupita, left us a great legacy of unique ingredients carefully chosen to create the special flavour of authentic Mexican food. 


 We love sharing our diverse recipes and  the mix of herbs, seeds and seasonings that a simple but tasty food can offer like: Mole, tacos, carnitas, barbacoa, quesadillas, chile poblano, taco salad, including our star dish: wet burrito, among others.


 That was her legacy to create Lupitas Tex-Mex Restaurant. We do not only offer authentic Mexican food, but also Tex-Mex targeting our USA Clients and our beloved clients around the world who appreciate our quality and variety of delicious food for all budgets.


 We feel so proud to offer: Totally Fresh Food, Affordable Prices and Excellent Customer Service.


 We always thank our customers and wish them all: Wellbeing and Happiness!

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